Focal Alpha monitor speakers – a must for your home studio


If you’re on the hunt for nearfield monitors for your studio set-up, there’s a fair chance you’re pretty overwhelmed by the amount of speakers on the market at the moment. To say it’s saturated would be an understatement, with the likes of Yamaha, KRK, Alesis, M-Audio, Fostex, Mackie, PreSonus, Adam, Avantone and Eve all offering a range of excellent monitor speakers for under £500 per pair.

What makes the Focal Alpha series stand out from its peers at the “about £500 for a pair” price-point?

For starters, they sound expensive. Compared side-by-side with the much pricier and recognisable Adam AX series, they have a little less detail in the mid-range, but have an incredibly similar bass and treble response. They certainly sound as if they’re in a different league to the generic Yamaha HS and KRK Rokit monitors that are found in so many small studios, and are less fatigueing on the ears during long sessions. The ported design also allows them to move an impressive amount of air for their size, using physics tricks to extend accurate low frequency response below practically all of the competition.

Secondly, they look expensive. There’s just something timeless about their vinyl covered cabinets and simple, performance-based design that makes them seem a bit “no-nonsense”, that you’re getting the speaker performance that you pay for and not a lot of unnecessary visual frills. They’re also reassuringly heavy!

Lastly, they should be more expensive. It really seems like someone made a bit of a mistake on the pricing of these speakers. Almost like someone in the office mixed up the “cost price” and “RRP” and didn’t have the heart to tell the boss until it was all too, too late. If I were you, I’d buy a pair now before they realise. Get in touch with your pals at Red Dog Music – the friendliest music store in the galaxy (or at least the UK) – and let us make your dreams come true.

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Guy Perchard

Digital editor & recording specialist at Red Dog Music
As well as being the marketing man-about-town at Red Dog Music, Guy is a busy, award winning record producer and mixing engineer. He is also partial to a chorizo stromboli for elevenses.

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