Want a single module that does it all? Try the Roland Aira modular range

The Roland AIRA FX range of modular effects units marked a welcome return of Roland to the wonderful world of modular synths.  There are currently 4 units available:

The Roland BITRAZER, a bit and sample rate crushing distortion unit

The Roland TORCIDO, a classic tube distortion

The Roland DEMORA, incredible delay and echo

The Roland SCOOPER, A “scatter” glitch effect and looper

Roland Aira Effects Module Editor

Each of these is 21HP semi-modular unit allowing you to use it within a Eurorack case or as a standalone desktop module.  Consequently, it can be powered by the supplied transformer or via Eurorack power.  The effects are incredibly powerful and have plenty of control from the front panel.

Despite being digital units, each knob on-board operates at an exceptionally high resolution with over 16 Million steps for completely smooth control of parameters and they have an array of CV/Gate inputs ready to interface with your existing hardware. Stereo IN and OUTS provide easy connection of any sound source for processing and a USB connection allows them to be used as 24bit/96 kHz audio interface.

There is one last feature inside all these units which make them totally unique in the marketplace: they can all be edited and reconfigured via a Mac, PC, iPad, Android Tablet or Smartphone with the incredible Roland Aira Modular Customizer.  This doesn’t mean that there’s a few more advanced settings. It means that the internal workings can be completely remade via the free 30 sub modules that can wired in.

Basically, the Roland Aira FX modules can each be a mini modular synth within one module!  An array of oscillators, filters and other processors can be rewired into the circuitry via the free app and completely new sounds made.  You could continue using it as an effect or you could unwire everything completely and create a synth patch controlled via the CV/Gate inputs.  Then you could connect this to your modular and then re-patch it back through itself.  The possibilities are endless.  Stay tuned for more info in the very near future.  In the meantime, here’s a guide!

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