The Squier Affinity range – updated with new colours

We’re huge fans of the Squier Affinity Strats, Teles and basses here at Red Dog Music. They really offer so much to so many people. From first time pickers, to improving strummers; from experienced players who want an affordable back-up guitar to those who don’t want to take their American Vintage Strat to a pub gig; from modders to relicers, the Squier Affinity guitars give you an instrument that offers a whole lot of performance for the money.

If you’re a Squier Affinity fan too, then good news: the range has been updated with some fantastic new colours!

New Squier Affinity Colours

The Squier Affinity series gets a refresh!

While there were already some great colours in the Affinity line – I was a big fan of the Surf Green Strat and the Arctic White Telecaster – but this new run kicks things up a notch!

The limited edition Squier Affinity HH Strats in the sparkle finishes were quite a treat, but the new Slick Silver finish in particular – in my humble opinion anyway – gives the standard range a great lift, and I think it looks especially good on the Affinity Jazz Bass and the Tele.


For those who want to stand out and make a bit more of a statement, check out the competition orange finish available on the Strat and the Telecaster!

And with a Race Green finish on the Strat and the Tele, and a Race Red for the Strat, Tele, Jazz Bass and PJ Bass, the Affinity range certainly has a finish for everyone.

New Squier Affinity Bass Colours

Quite appropriate given how many people start there…

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