The Fender American Standard is Discontinued – long live the American Standard

The true standard for many – the Fender American Standard series for all of us – has been discontinued. What this means for the future, we’ll have to wait and see, but what it means for now is you can save hundreds on our existing stock of Fender American Standard Stratocasters, Telecasters, Precisions and Jazzes – as well as on some tasty limited editions!

Fender American Standard Discontinued

Huge savings on Discontinued Fender American Standard guitars and basses!

Okay, cut to the chase: you want a Fender American Standard Strat? £998. Want an American Standard Tele? £998. What if you want a left-handed one? £998.

Want a 4-string American Standard bass? £1048. A 5-string? £1198.

Not too bad, really.

But it doesn’t stop there…

What about this stunning limited edition Sea Foam Green Telecaster? Well, it’s an American Standard series instrument, so it’s £998.

And what about the super-limited American Standard Offset Telecasters? Well, they’re American Standard series instruments, so you’d think £998, but we’re offering those at an extra special £898. For now at least…

Okay, enough reading! Go forth and find your perfect Fender American Standard before they’re gone!

In a gesture of product line consistency, the Fender American Standard Lunchbox is now £12.99, down from £19.99.

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