Great Eve Audio Ex-Demo Deals!

Eve Audio Discount

Since we’re getting in a new range of demo gear in, we’re figured it’s only fair to let you the best possible price on our ex-demo Eve Audio monitors!

You can now get a SC204 active studio monitor for only £174.99 (would be £230 new) Or check out the Eve Audio SC305 for £499.99 (costs £620 new). Or perhaps you’re after a deal on something bigger and more powerful? Then how about the SC208, our ex-demo is for sale for £424.99, whilst you’d be looking at £540 for a new one).

Our ex-demo Eve Audio active 3-way studio monitors are also for sale: the SC305 is priced at £499.99 (£640 new),  and the Sc307 is £659.99,  (£770 new)

There’s also the 4-way active monitor, the SC408 now only at £1299.50, which is a total bargain considering a new one will cost you £2326!

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