Save 20% on Ableton Push 2 and Live this winter!

As we approach that time of year, the deals and offers just keep on coming, but this one really has made us all sit up and take notice: 20% off Ableton Push 2 and Live 9!

Ableton Push 2 Live 9 Deal

Yup, 20% off Push 2 and Live 9 from now until January 11th. What does this mean? Well, it means there are some spectacular savings to be had on the DAW that takes you from jamming with sounds, to arranging, mixing and mastering in the studio to the stage, and the perfect instrument controller to play it.

Ableton Push 2

Let’s take a look at a look at some of the headline deals:

If you’re new to Live, but want to get into it in style, then the Push 2 and Live 9 Suite bundle is for you,  and save £208!

Maybe you’ve already got a Push 2 and have been getting into Live with the Intro version, but you’re ready to upgrade to Standard. Now is the time to do it and save £56.

Existing Live user looking to put the power of Push 2 in your hands? You can save £120 as the price falls from £599 to £479.

All in all, a pretty special offer with some spectacular savings to be had. We’ve just highlighted a few of the deals here, so if we’ve not mentioned what works for you, then take a browse online or get in touch and we’ll get to work on helping you build the setup that’s right for you!

Ableton Live 9 metering


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