Synchronising Traktor with Live using Ableton Link

There have been a few software updates around of late, and some of might not have set the world on fire when they were first announced, but as support grows, they might turn out to be very interesting…

One of these updates was Ableton Link. Introduced in Live 9.6, Link is a protocol that allows your audio devices to synchronise their tempo. From software running on the same computer, to your DAW and apps on your tablet connected to the same network, you can now play in time! Electronic jams become fun again…

Ableton Link

As with any protocol of course, it only gets interesting when other applications start using it, but, with the list continuing to grow, it looks like this wont be a problem; Ableton Link is becoming a standard.

What got me paying attention, was when version 2.11 of Traktor was released. Given the focus of this article, you can probably guess what that included. Yup, in addition to a crafty step sequencer for the remix decks, Traktor 2.11 introduced Ableton Link support.

As a long time Live and Traktor user, but one who had never been entirely happy – or confident – in getting the two of them to play nicely and lock tightly in time on my setup, I had an afternoon of software upgrading, fired them up and hit the buttons…

Ableton Link Traktor

And that’s really all there was to it. Hit the ‘Link’ buttons on the toolbars in Live and Traktor, and you’re about there. The two programs were now talking. The only little tweak that needed doing was to change the Sync Mode in Traktor from ‘TempoSync’ to ‘BeatSync’, and all of a sudden everything was locked in time.

Synchronise Traktor Ableton Live

From there, it was business as usual. With my Kontrol X1 and Z1 looking after Traktor, and Push covering Live duties, remixing on the fly, mashing up and just having a bit of a blast jamming with some tracks became painless, with everything staying locked together in perfect harmony.

So, go on, rediscover your digital djing with Traktor, Live and Link!


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  1. dauberman says:

    I cant link them like you describe they link bu dont sync!!!

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