Haiku for Hotone

Hotone pedals may be small, but that doesn’t mean they don’t sound fantastic or offer a great set of tweakability. If you’re pedalboard is short of space, if you want to pack a lot of effects into the smallest amount of square-inchery, or if you just want a great guitar sound without having to spend too much, reach for the Hotone pedals.

To celebrate Hotone’s achievement of getting the job done for less in a compact package, and inspired by Gregor’s ode to the left-handed Jazzmaster, we thought we’d keep things in-keeping with the pedals’ stature with our Hotone haiku…

Hotone Pedals Poems

Hotone Trem

Undulating waves

Full of colour and movement

Cyclical volumeHotone Verb

Hotone Verb

Simulated space

Wraps your sound with decay tails

Your tone in context

Hotone Fury

Cutting aggressive bite

Meets creamy saturation

Warm to abrasive

Hotone Eko

With clean repeats re

peats repeats repeats repeats

A clear reflection

Hotone Pedals Haiku

Hotone Octa

Add your riff higher

Add your riff lower as well

And a dirty modeHotone Xtomp

Hotone Wally

Create a loop on

Which you can build your luscious

Textures create a…

Hotone Harmony

Perhaps not your first

This pedal can add a fifth

And more intervals

Hotone Tape Eko

When you want to copy

With the character of tape

Smooth degradation

Hotone Xtomp

Neither Phaser nor

Overdrive, yet both and more

Chameleon like

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