Universal Audio Apollo Twin MkII Thunderbolt interfaces announced

The Universal Audio Apollo Twin MkII was announced today, and it looks like quite a thing. The recent price drop on the original Twins suggested that that something might be in the pipeline, and now we know: the Apollo Twin MkII was it.

Universal Audio Apollo Twin mk2 mkii

UA Apollo Twin mkiiWhat’s new in the Universal Audio Apollo Twin MkII?

What can the Apollo Twin MkII bring to the table that the already hugely impressive first generation didn’t already have covered? While there have been the sort of evolutionary upgrades you might expect – improved AD/DA conversion for example – the two big changes are the addition of improved monitoring functionality and, something many of you have been looking for I’m sure, the additional of a quad core version to the lineup.

An Apollo Twin mkII Quad?

Yes, you heard that correctly. There is now an Apollo Twin Quad core. If you don’t need the expansive I/O options of the Apollo Rack interfaces, but do want enough DSP to be able to mix with the UAD2 plugins and not worry about having to render down to audio as you go, the Apollo Twin mk2 Quad is the interface for you.

Not only does it feature plenty of processing power for your plugins, when you take the box apart it also looks pretty cool inside. Fortunately, UA have done that for you so you don’t need to invalidate the warranty on your shiny new mkII Apollo Twin:
UA Apollo Twin mkII DSP

The monitoring functionality of the Apollo Twin mk2

The other big change to the new Apollo Twin range is the addition of a new host of enhanced monitoring tools. Just the thing for making sure your mixes translate, as well as smoothing those recording workflows.

The Apollo Twin mkII not only features a talkback mic for communicating with the performers in another room, but it also offers the standard range of console/monitoring control functions: mute, dim, mono summing and alternative speaker switching.

Universal Audio Apollo Twin mkII Rear Panel I/O

Whichever way you look at it, the Universal Audio Apollo Twin mkII Thunderbolt interfaces look to be pretty impressive bits of kit. We’ve already received our first stock, so get in touch if you have any questions!



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