[Ended] Win A Dreadbox NYX Synth worth £549 With Red Dog Music

For our February competition we’ve got a super special prize for you: the Dreadbox NYX, a new a 2 oscillator paraphonic analogue synth.

Red Dog Music Competition

All Dreadbox synths and effects are handmade in Athens, Greece. The NYX can work standalone but also has 15 modular patch points so it can fit in to a modular set up as well. It also has unique built-in reverb effects by Crazy Tube Circuits. Hear them and the awesome analogue sounds in action in this demo:

Not only could you be one of the first UK owners, but you can also own it for FREE, because we’re giving one away at the end of the month. All you need to do to enter is sign up for our email list below, and after you’ve done that you can increase your chances of winning by completing other actions.


Win A Dreadbox NYX Synth worth £549 With Red Dog Music


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18 Responses to “[Ended] Win A Dreadbox NYX Synth worth £549 With Red Dog Music”

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  1. Bill Stewart says:

    Well I have entered so many Red Dog Competitions I have always enjoyed taking part but I think my age maybe keeps me out of contention however I admire what you are doing and I will keep trying you never know It might just happen for me someday Cheers

    • Linda says:

      Hi Bill, so long as you’re over 18 you will be able to enter. If you’re not, you can ask a person over 18 to sign-up on your behalf. The winner gets picked by software completely at random. You’re not signed up for this competition yet, if you’d like to try entering just fill in the sign-up form on this blog post. Good luck!

  2. taffe says:

    hi yes please I would like some of that sounds great

  3. Etienne says:

    Hi Linda, I’m having trouble completing the tweet on twitter entires. I have tweeted it (https://twitter.com/de_archive/status/829696816123883520) but everytime I click ‘already tweeted’ and enter my twitter handle it tells me to ‘complete action first’ what am I doing wrong?

    • Linda says:

      Hi Etienne, your tweet entry hasn’t registered (the other entries have), I’m not sure what went wrong, but maybe try deleting your tweet and trying again using the ‘connect your twitter account’ button instead. Hope that works!

      • Etienne says:

        Hi Linda,

        Thanks. I figured it out – its becasue the tweet and link account buttons weren’t showing in Chrome. Just didi it in Safari & they showed up…

  4. Bill Stewart says:

    Red Dog Music to see that is enough to make me enter the competition,I’d be happy to win any thing thats on offer,wish me luck Regards Bill S.

  5. AB says:

    I’ve entered lots of Red Dog draws, but not this one. I’m gonna leave that prize for someone who actually knows what it is 🙂
    #ivenoidea #lovemyguitars

  6. Mike says:

    Please computer generated algorythm, please pick me #preytogaben #reddoggods

  7. Tom Morrison says:

    It would benice to win

  8. Anthony Box says:

    Bit of a long shot trying to win a February competition when the invite to enter arrives on the 4th of March.

    • Linda says:

      Hi Anthony, the competition ends at midnight tonight so anyone who still enters has the same chance 🙂

  9. Etienne says:

    Who won? i’m guessing not me 🙁

  10. David John Phennah says:

    Fantastic bit of kit! When does the winner get announced ? be awesome to win especially as I have been studying sound manipulation and synthesis in university.

  11. Rachel Heap says:

    Amazing prize would love to win this!

  12. sandy ralph says:

    wow this is fantastic

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