New for 808 day: the Roland TR-08, SH-01A and SP-404A

Okay, it’s 808 Day, so no surprises that today is the day Roland has decided to hit us with some tasty new gear: the TR-08 Rhythm Composer, the SH-01A synth and the SP-404A sampler.

Roland TR-08 Rhythm Composer

Roland TR-08 Drum Machine

What can we say about the Roland TR-08 Rhythm Composer? Well, it’s 808 day, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised to see a return of those famous numbers, but I’m really looking forward to playing with the TR-08, possibly even more so than I was looking forward to getting my grubby mitts on the TR-09.

It’s not just that kick, it’s the whole package, from the snare, to the toms, and that utterly iconic cowbell. In fact, thanks to the announcement of the Roland TR-08 and the return of that instantly recognisable bovine sound effect, I think I’ve got another excuse to post this:

Roland SH-01A Synthesiser

Roland SH-01A synthesiser

The Roland SH-01A uses the acclaimed ACB technology to bring all the classic SH-101 sounds back with some added extras that make the SH-01A a highly-desirable piece of gear; not to mention a compact one as a member of the growing Boutique series.

The SH-01A gives you all the slider-based tweakability of the original, but uses the power of the new technology to give you a choice of adding to your sounds with unison, chord and four-voice polyphonic modes, making the Roland SH-01A a mighty little powerhouse!

Roland SP-404A Sampler

Roland SP-404A Sampler

The Roland SP-404SX was always a pretty impressive piece of kit. I used one to record some samples using the built in mic sitting at the gate waiting for a flight, then mangled, resampled and sequenced a track from the comfort of my economy class seat.

All well and good, but I think the new Roland SP-404A looks even slicker than its predecessor, and it also comes with a card full of top-drawer sample content from Loopmasters. Add that to the ability to seamlessly sequence it from your Aira TR8, and this sampler remains a wee cracker!

We’re expecting the Roland SP-404A at some point in September, with an ETA for the TR-08 and SH-01A in October; get in touch to you reserve yours from the first UK stocks today!

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