The Vox Continental Organ is back!

The Vox Continental organ is back.

Not being a keys player, I don’t know if I’m sufficiently in the club to refer to it as ‘Connie’, but I am enough of a The Doors fan to appreciate the legend. The new, 2017 Vox Continental is not [slightly shrunken] clone as we saw with products such as the MS-20 and the ARP Odyssey, this is what the Vox Continental would be, if the Vox Continental were to be introduced in 2017.

Which, I suppose, it has…

The Vox Continental Organ returns

To being with, the new Vox Continental doesn’t just give you one organ: it gives you three. In fact, that’s not really fair. The organ part of the Vox Continental gives you three organs, but let’s not forget about the rest of what’s going on. The 2017 Vox Continental gives you three electric piano sounds, three acoustic piano sounds, and a range of key/layer sounds that add in flavours such as brass, string and synth.

This new Vox Continental is a versatile beast…

Vox Continental new 2017

Looking at the Vox Continental’s top panel, simplicity is a word that springs to mind. The front panel isn’t crowded with controls, it’s designed to be simple, intuitive and easy to navigate.

The keybed – and Continental 61 and 73 note options are available – is a semi-waterfall design that is optimised to give you an incredible playing feel, with ultimate control of velocity and, ultimately, your expression. And, let’s not forget, that incredible stand and the pedals are included as standard.

Vox Continental Organ 2017


Vox Continental Features

Want just a list of the features of the new Vox Continental? This list is for you…

■ Intuitive user interface that emphasises playability on stage
■ ORGAN part that meticulously models three vintage organs
■ High-quality E.PIANO part with attention paid to every detail
■ Rich PIANO part powered by high-capacity samples
■ KEY/LAYER part with a wide range of variations
■ Intuitive and powerful effects that are optimised for live use
■ Touch sensor that can control a variety of parameters
■ Nine-band EQ that allows detailed control of your sound
■ Real valve drive sound powered by Nutube, the new vacuum tube
■ Newly developed waterfall keyboard provides excellent playability
■ Dynamics knob lets you freely customise the playing feel of the keyboard
■ Scene memories let you instantly switch between settings
■ Lightweight and compact body is built of sturdy sheet metal and aluminum
■ Carries on the scarlet color that’s traditional for VOX organs
■ V861 volume/expression pedal and ST-Continental keyboard stand are included

Looking ’round the back, we can see that the Vox Continental offers just what you need to control your expression, as well as all the sockets you need to get connected on stage or in the studio.

2017 Vox Continental Organ

So, there you go, the new Vox Continental stage keyboard for 2017. It looks like quite a best. Like I said, I’m not a keys player, but now I wish I were…

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