PMC Announce New Result6 Studio Speakers

Legendary British speaker manufacturer PMC has announced their newest and, get this, most affordable pair of active monitors ever! The result6 (capitalisation is overrated) are nearfield two-way monitors, which depart from the more expensive TwoTwo series by swapping DSP power for all-analogue engineering genius! We’re very excited to see these monitors announced, as PMC monitors can be found on the walls of many of the world’s finest mastering and post studios, and the result6 bring that quality a little closer to the rest of us!



Despite being equipped with relatively small 6.5′ woofers, the result6 manages to deliver a powerful bass response in a compact package thanks to PMC’s ATL bass-loading technology. You may have also noticed the snazzy looking D-Fins by the tweeter, these not only serve to look cool but also as waveguides which create a larger “sweet spot”, meaning that you can mix more comfortably knowing that you’re hearing your audio at its most clear.

Possibly the best part of these monitors is the price, at the time of writing £2394 for a pair, placing these monitors at roughly half of the price of their (totally amazing) big sisters, the TwoTwo.6.

These beauties will be landing in our Leeds store for demo as of Tuesday 31st October, but if you just can’t wait, you can order right now!

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Lewis Saunders

Lewis is Red Dog Music's Purchasing Assistant and is also a freelance guitarist, sound engineer, and music technology educator.

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