Sunday Spotlight: The Serviettes


1. Hello! Who are you, where are you from and all that good stuff.
My name is Dan Clarke. I’m from Medway in Kent and I make music under the name The Serviettes.

2. Tell us a bit about the music you make.
I try to combine my love of blues and classic soul with more modern elements of electronica, trip-hop and dream pop. How successful I am at that, you’ll have to judge for yourself! I’m predominantly interested in telling stories within songs, so lyrics are a very important element for me. I’m definitely drawn to the darker side of human nature when writing, so there’s almost always a good death or three in there!

3. When did you start and what made you want to start making music?
There’s a oft-told story in my family about how I constantly sang along to Karma Chameleon by Culture Club before I could even talk! My parents bought me a guitar when I was 7 or 8 and I began by learning how to play the melody lines of Beatles songs. I didn’t start writing my own songs though until my mum gave me her old Bowie records a few years later though. Then Britpop came along and I started playing in bands, mainly covering stuff like Mansun and Supergrass.

4. Stage or studio?
Definitely studio. While I do enjoy playing live, it’s quite challenging to perform complex arrangements when you’re essentially a one man band but when recording there are literally no limits to what you can do.

5. What gear do you use to make your tunes?
My DAW of choice is Reaper. It’s surprisingly powerful for something that costs about £40! I’ve got a couple of MIDI controllers that I use for keyboard sounds and sometimes drum programming. I use a Danelectro Wild Thing electric and an AXL acoustic guitar with an assortment of pedals. The three I use most are probably my Rotosound RFB1 Fuzz, Red Witch Violetta Delay and EHX Mel9, which makes your guitar sound like a Mellotron!

6. And what is your choice bit of gear and why?
I’d say my favourite bit of kit is the Boss RC-300 Loop Station. It’s like having three loop pedals welded together and it comes in really handy when writing layered sections of songs.

7. Where can we check out your tunes?
You can listen to my debut album, When We Die Our Atoms Become Everything on Bandcamp or on Youtube. You can also like me on Facebook to keep up to date with new developments.

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