The Orange Rocker Terror 15, Brent Hinds Terror & more!

Great news for those lamenting the loss of the Tiny Terror: the Orange Rocker Terror 15 Watt head is on its way. Or, should you prefer, you could plug into the new Orange Brent Hinds Terror. And what better to plug either of them into than the effortlessly practical – yet exquisitely voiced – Orange PPC212V?

Orange 50th Anniversary

The Orange Rocker Terror 15 Head

The Rocker 15 and Rocker 32 were warmly welcomed additions to the Orange lineup and, following the retiring of the Tiny Terror head, I think a lot of us were hoping that Orange would reach the same product design conclusion as the rest of us. The release of the Orange Rocker Terror tells us that they were!

The Orange Rocker Terror is a 15 Watt valve head with plenty of power options to give you a sound that takes you from ‘bedroom to headroom’ as Orange put it. What that means, is that the Rocker Terror can take you from 0.5 to 15W, making it one amp that can go from practice to rehearsal to the gig.

For the tone purists, the Rocker Terror offers you the ‘Natural’ channel, with just a volume control, while the ‘Dirty’ channel gives you gain, master volume and a three band EQ. Combine all of that with a valve-buffered effects loop 2x 8 Ohm and a 16 Ohm cab output and foot-switchable channel changing (with the FS-1 footswitch), and the Rocker Terror head is quite a package…

The Orange Brent Hinds Terror Head

… of course, the Orange Brent Hinds Terror head is quite a package as well. Designed with Mastodon’s Brent Hinds – as you might expect – the Brent Hinds Terror takes the Rocker Terror 15 concept and turns it into an all-new Terror.

The natural channel has been redesigned to offer more bottom end, while the dirty channel gives you a different gain structure, taking you from a brighter sound at lower levels to a fatter, thicker sound as you dial it up, with more gain appearing more quickly  than on the ‘regular’ Rocker Terror.

If you want a darker, meatier sound, then the Orange Brent Hinds Terror is the one for you.

The Orange PPC212V

And what to plug those new amp heads into? How about the new PPC212V cabinet? Available in orange or black, the Orange PPC212V is great for compact stages – eliminating the need to keep propping your amp up on a pub chair or nearby milk crate.

Celestion neodymium Creambacks give you all the tone you need and, when you factor in the reduced weight cabinet design, add up to make a 2×12 cab that’s easier to carry about than you might expect.

The Orange Crush Mini

The new Orange Crush Mini is an updated version of the Crush Micro – the portable amp I chose to buy with my own money. I used my Micro at a couple of Portobello Beach Busks, where it did all that was asked of it in style. The new Crush Mini though, ups the level of performance, with that ‘shape’ control scooping or pushing the mids for more American or British sound. Oh, and it looks pretty sweet with the Orange ‘Pix’ only labelling as well.

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