Blackstar Unity bass amps unveiled

Described by Blackstar as ‘the Unity Pro Bass System’, the Blackstar Unity range of bass amplifiers may start at what you might expect to pay for a practice amp, but the whole series seems to offer a range of features that justify that ‘Pro’ tag…

Blackstar Unity Bass Amps

The Blackstar Unity series

The Blackstar Unity range includes 6 products at the time of writing – the U30, U60, U120, U250 and U500 bass combos, and the U250ACT active cabinet – just the thing if your rig consists of your pedalboard.

The Unity range offers a lot of bang for the buck. Hey, even if you take the buck out of the equation, they seem to still offer plenty of bang! The first thing of note is a three-way toggle switch labelled ‘Classic, Modern and Flat’. This switch gives you access to three different voicings of the amp – almost like having three amps in one!

Classic is voiced to give you all the vintage ‘growl’ you could ask for, modern gives you more headroom and plenty of dynamic range, while flat keeps things, well, flat, letting the sound of your bass and effects take pride of place.

With overdrive, chorus and compression onboard – from even the smallest model – the Blackstar Unity amps give you a lot of tonal variety straight out of the box, and with auxiliary in and flexible connectivity onboard, the Blackstar Unity amps are sure to appeal from bass players from their first note right through to those who gig regularly.

We’re expecting the Blackstar Unity bass amps to arrive with is in June, so stay tuned for more updates!


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