HeadRush Pedalboard tutorial series


If you’re looking for some help with the HeadRush Pedalboard guitar multi-FX processor, whether you’ve recently bought your own or you’re considering getting one, here is a useful videos series of tutorials to guide you through your questions.


As we’re an official HeadRush Tone Centre here at Red Dog Music, we have specialist staff who are always ready to help you out to make sure you can learn everything there is to know about HeadRush. So if you’d like to pop in for a demo, or find out about buying one, give us a shout and we’ll get you all the help you need.


The Basics

Mike Massions from HeadRush brings you through the basics of the Pedalboard. He touches on features such as knobs/encoders, footswitches, expression pedal, rear panel features, and the In/Out blocks.

Creating a Rig

This video takes you through the steps of creating a rig with the Pedalboard. While building the rig Mike touches on features such as adding and adjusting the amp settings, noise gate, reverb/delays and the Tails feature.

Pedal Modes

Mike brings you through the different Pedal Modes the Pedalboard has to offer including Stomp Mode, Rig Mode, Hybrid Mode and Setlists.

Advanced Rig Building

Here you’re taken through the advanced rig building of the Pedalboard. Mike touches on features such as the 4 cable method, FX Loop block, IR’s and using the Pedalboard with stomp boxes.

Global Settings

Here you’ll learn the Global Settings of the Pedalboard. The tutorial touches on features such as Alternate Output, USB Audio Settings, and Global EQ.

Hardware Assign

Mike Massions brings you through the Hardware Assign screen on the Pedalboard. He touches on features such as assigning pedal locations and scenes.

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