World poetry day – a Focusrite Clarett USB special

Let us take a moment to appreciate the majesty of the written word, as we celebrate world poetry day with some words inspired by Focusrite: makers of some of our favourite and most popular audio interfaces…

Focusrite Clarett USB

A study in Clarett

From source outside to digital,

Whether guitar, synth or vocal tone,

Through preamp, filter and AD,

Transparent, pristine and quietly,

Our sound is captured, clean and pure,

Clarity and depth of seas azure.


Our journey began years past,

A box of Scarlett, anodised,

We learned our recording craft,

From microphone placement,

To mid / side spacial trickery,

Your clocking never jittery.

Connection protocols ebbed and flowed,

USB to Thunderbolt to USB,

Latencies fell and track counts grew,

Mixes matured with growing knowledge,

Our choice of effects grew more selective,

Our songs enhanced by your plugin collective.

From Scarlett to Clarett‘s Air preamp,

Bask in transformer resonance,

Twenty four bit, one-nine-two,

We could record with that if we wanted to,

From audio, purity you distil,

Clarett USB, we have not had our Phil.

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Fynn Callum

producer, guitarist, engineer & dj
From indie guitarist to deep house producer via Northern Soul dj; mix engineer, producer and gear enthusiast. Jaffa Cake aficionado.

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