Sunday Spotlight: Velum Break

Spotlight-Velum-Break1. Hello! Who are you, where are you from and all that good stuff.
My name is Richard but I make music under the name Velum Break. Based in Birmingham but most of what I do takes place online.

2. Tell us a bit about the music you make.
I make fairly esoteric electronic music. A lot of polyrhythms, odd meters and microtuned synythesizers but all still within a nice listening experience. Things rarely get too noisy or harsh but may push the casual listener out of their comfort zone (:

3. When did you start and what made you want to start making music?
I started making prog rock music and metal when I was 15. I was massively into some of the classic prog bands like Yes, Spocks Beard and later on Dream Theater and the like. I played drums but could never find anyone who was into the same stuff as me and if they were, they were terrible at committing to anything. At some point I heard some of the electronic stuff on Rephlex and realised that it was like prog but I could do it all by myself and then for the last 6 or so years I’ve been solely electronic.

4. Stage or studio?
Nearly everything I do is studio. I have played a few gigs and dj sets here and there but its a whole other level of thinking which I haven’t cracked yet… Studio space is nearly always a mess. I was gonna tidy it up for you but then I’d be living a lie.


5. What gear do you use to make your tunes?
I use a combination of hardware and software. Typically I’ll get some ideas going on hardware such as my Blofeld, Ambika or Korg Volcas (been through all of them, the Kick is the best) and then manipulate it with Ableton and various plugins later on when forming the rest of the song. Occasionally I’ll do some recordings of real instruments (recently my voice) but I tend to stick to the world of instrumental stuff. I do love synths that sound like they are talking though. There’s some uncanny valley stuff going on when you can make an instrument sound like a real person. From 4:43 onwards on the below song off my album there is genuinely no recorded vocals. It all came from various synths.

6. And what is your choice bit of gear and why?
I think the Waldorf Blofeld has had the biggest impact on my music. It’s very capable and can also get very weird. Don’t believe people who think everything has to be analogue 🙂

7. Where can we check out your tunes?
I put bits and bobs on Soundcloud as well as linking to any releases on labels I’ve had. My latest album was a self release and is out on Bandcamp 🙂

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