Ableton for Guitars, Bass & Effects Masterclass at Red Dog Music Edinburgh


Free Ableton Live Masterclass at Red Dog Music Edinburgh

Ableton Live 10 isn’t just for electronic musicians, producers and DJs. As well as being a DAW for recording, sequencing and mixing, Ableton Live can also be used as a comprehensive performance instrument. It’s an amazingly effective tool for guitars or bass players… and it really isn’t as difficult as you might think!

How can you use Ableton Live 10 as an effects unit, or for live looping, and for your band? What are the FXs in Ableton 10 and how can you integrate them with your pedals and set up? How can you use Live as another player to compose, arrange, improvise, or practice?

We’ve invited Ableton Certified Trainer Simone Tanda to our Edinburgh branch to host an Ableton masterclass covering everything you need to know about using Ableton for guitars, bass and as an effects unit.

This masterclass should be really informative for guitarists, bass players, or anyone interested in expanding their music through effects. So if you’re in to looping, improvising, soundscaping, and experimenting with reverb, delay, distortion and other effects, come along on October 25th.


All levels are welcome, and this masterclass will be a fantastic learning opportunity for beginners or experienced musicians alike. The evening is completely free, just make sure you book a free ticket to ensure your spot. We hope to see you then, should be lots of fun!

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