An interview with Ear Candy Festival Edinburgh

We caught up with Euan who is running Ear Candy Festival, a grassroots music festival for Edinburgh’s up and coming bands. We wanted to find out more about the festival, its ethos, and what we can expect on the day. Find out in our interview!

42257182_1429458133865360_3248242955185553408_nHi Euan, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. We heard about Ear Candy, it looks really cool, so we want to find out more! What is Ear Candy, and how did it come about?

Ear Candy is a brand new boutique two day music festival that will take place in the heart of Edinburgh at the Traverse Theatre on the 2nd and 3rd of November. The festival is organised and hosted by my band ‘Little Love and The Friendly Vibes’. It’s a non profit event designed to bring together local bands/artists as a way to showcase some of Edinburgh’s unsung musical heroes 🙂 It’s an ambitious project and will require people from the Edinburgh music scene to pull together to make it the best it can be.

What inspired you to organise a festival? You mention that it’s a celebration of grassroots music in Edinburgh, can you tell us a bit more about this?

We have been together as a band for over seven years and know the Edinburgh music scene inside out. We have found that Edinburgh has oodles of awesome musicians but not much in the way of a united scene. Yes, it’s true that Edinburgh has several small music scenes but the large bulk of the city’s music falls through the cracks and never gets heard. We hope that Ear Candy will give people an appetite to discover local music. It’s our dream that it will ignite a culture of people going to local gigs in the pursuit of discovering something new (not just because your mates band are playing). We want to put the focus on the great music that’s been made in bedrooms and rehearsal rooms across the city. In the fast paced world of 2018 it’s more important than ever that fresh and developing talent is fully supported.

We’ve had a listen to the acts on the line-up, they’re sounding great! Who is performing and how did this all come together? …and are you by any chance playing in any of the bands yourself?

We’re delighted with the line-up 🙂

If we had unlimited time and resources then the festival would be at least three times It’s current size. Edinburgh is simply overflowing with great music 🙂 The line-up showcases the wealth of diversity in sounds that Edinburgh has to offer. There literally is something for everyone.

The line-up is: Lou McLean, D.M.S, Romarzs, The Omega Corridor, Filth Spector, Table For Four, Little Love and The Friendly Vibes, The Julie Ann Band, Martina Cannon Ball, The Victor Pope Band, Stephen McLaren

Alongside hosting I’ll be on vocal and guitar duties in The Omega Corridor and Little Love and The Friendly Vibes.

If you could add one more artist to the lineup, (and there were no limitations!) who would it be, do you have an all-time favourite Edinburgh band?

We asked oodles of fab bands who sadly couldn’t make it. We hope to get them on a future bill. I don’t really believe in having a favourite to be honest. It’s impossible to choose 🙂 Having The Rezillos headline would have been pretty spectacular. Ahhh well, maybe next year 🙂

What’s next for the people behind Ear Candy festival, can we expect more events / gigs / parties from you?

Little Love and The Friendly Vibes are always on the lookout for a party 🙂

The next Ear Candy Events will be smaller evening gigs that we’ll host throughout 2019. If all goes well we will host another two day festival next Autumn 🙂

Alongside the festival I’m involved in making a short documentary. The currently untitled documentary explores Edinburgh’s current music scene. Digging deep to explore what makes the scene so irresistible and why Edinburgh is much more than just a Fringe City. I would like to give a shout out to my wonderful documentary team . Gregor Fergie, Jennifer Baker and Christy Kat. They’re a super creative bunch 🙂

And for those who’d like to come along to Ear Candy, what’s the best way to get tickets?

Tickets are available from The Traverse Theatre Box Office.

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