A year’s supply of free coffee when you buy Adam A7X studio monitors!


Get a year’s supply of the world’s strongest coffee for free with Adam Audio this November!

If you’ve been putting in long studio hours and need a caffeine-fix, the nice folks at Adam Audio are coming to your rescue by offering you a special promotion for your next coffee-break:

Adam Audio has teamed up with Black Insomnia – manufacturers of the world’s strongest coffee – to offer you a year’s supply* of their finest brew with every pair of Adam A7X studio monitors sold in November 2018. [*that’s 12 packs… so consume responsibly!]


How does it work?

Pick up a pair of Adam Audio A7X studio monitors from us either in store, or through our website. Once you’ve got them, sign up to the MyADAM user area, register your monitors and apply for the Extended Warranty.

You’ll then just need to complete a short form, and 12 packs of Black Insomnia coffee will be sent your way! You can choose between ground coffee and whole beans so you can start making your espresso, cappuccino, moccacino, or whatever-ino coffee you prefer just how you like it!

Just make sure you read the Ts & Cs. This promotion runs only between November 1st and November 30th 2018.


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  1. John Daven says:

    You wrote down what i am looking for. Thank you Linda.

  2. John "The Wookiee" Hazel says:

    What about the faithful who purchased Adam Ax7’s without the need for a promotional gift?

    Wookiee’s are safer when their blood/coffee ratio is correct. How about a retro gift of a years supply of Real Kenyan Arabica Coffee beans for my studio bean to intravenous drip machine.

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