Wishlist: the Blackstar HT10 valve amplifier

Blackstar make a great range of amplifiers, from their in-the-flat manageable 1W recording and practice amps, to their 200W screaming-down-a-stadium-near-you monsters. Could there maybe be an easily-plugged hole in the range though, possibly between the HT-5 and the HT Studio 20? Both are great-sounding and versatile amplifiers, but what if […] Read more »

How to learn every electronic music genre in 30 minutes

Electronic music genres can divide opinion. For every obsessive techno-geek, you’ll find several people who shove it all into one over-flowing pigeon-hole; someone who says that “all electronic music is techno”. Epic Eurotrance? Techno. Microhouse? Techno. Neurofunk? Techno. And even ‘techno’ itself is too straightforward: dub, Detroit, minimal, acid, hardcore? How […] Read more »

The loudness war

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, records are getting louder. Play a few tracks from twenty five years ago and a few tracks from the last year without adjusting your volume control and you’ll hear it. Newer is louder, as a fantastic poster from an NPR article shows. This phenomenon, […] Read more »

My love for the Epiphone Dot

Introduced in 1997, the Epiphone Dot emerged at a time when countless thousands of people were looking for the perfect instrument on which to belt out Oasis riffs. With Noel Gallagher using several Epiphone instruments, including the Sheraton and Riviera, there was a big market for a more affordable semi-hollow […] Read more »

7 undeniable reasons why bass players are cooler than guitarists

Kim Deal

1. They are rarer. There just aren’t as many bassists about. You’re in much more demand than guitarists, just check the classified ads in music shops: bands always need bassists (and drummers for that matter, but they seem to have a shorter shelf-life for various reasons). Of course, rarer doesn’t […] Read more »