What is a DI Box and do I need one?

A DI box (short for  “direct injection” or “direct input” box, depending on who you ask) is a very handy thing to have around, both on stage and in the studio. Without wanting to bring back memories of high-school physics, a DI box is really just a way of matching impedances […] Read more »

Ableton Live 9 – looking forward to the release date!

Recently, Ableton announced the forthcoming release of the newest version of Live; can you believe it’s up to version 9 already! The additional features certainly go beyond incremental upgrades and problem fixes, although Live 9 does add some functionality that long-time Live users have been wanting for a long time, such […] Read more »

Lunchbox Guitar Amps

As guitarists, most of us probably have our one ‘go-to’ combination of guitar and amp; that one setup that gives us what, after years of experimenting and making almost imperceptible changes to control settings, is what we now call ‘our tone’. That’s not to say that we don’t like to find new […] Read more »