The best Yamaha Montage demo video?


That man playing the Yamaha Montage is Bert. Bert Smorenburg. He manages to cut - with surgical precision - right to the coolest, most interesting, most impressive, and most useful features of any keyboard or synth in a matter of seconds, leaving you without a shadow of a doubt that you MUST own it.
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The most versatile, affordable DI box on the market? Meet the Samson MD series


Now, I'm being honest here, DI boxes aren't usually something I'd get overly excited about. They're the sort of thing that - if it's good - you won't notice. A utility product through and through. What is quite rare and, dare I say it, "interesting" about the new MD series from Samson, is that they seem to be exceptionally high quality, very durable, but also extremely friendly for those on a tight budget.
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