Audient Arc Update: more free creative production tools for Audient users!

iD14 Master Image ARC

A year ago, Audient introduced their Creative Hub, ARC, which is a range handy free software, plugins and production tools that become available to new and existing owners Audient audio interfaces. After a successful year, Audient are now launching the first update to Arc, and a few changes to how it works. The […]
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Buy an Apogee Esemble or Element and get 20+ Eventide plugins for free!

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Get Eventide Plugins with Apogee for a limited time! Apogee are offering our customers a free six month subscription to the fantastic Eventide Ensemble plugin bundle when buying Apogee Ensemble or Element Series Thunderbolt audio interfaces from us between today (July 10th) and January 10th 2019. Eventide Ensemble is a monthly subscription plugin bundle, which is usually […]
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Sunday Spotlight: Phenakism


1. Hello! Who are you, where are you from and all that good stuff. Hi! My name is Beth and I am part of a Leeds based duo called Phenakism. 2. Tell us a bit about the music you make. Me and Liam (Phenakism) mainly make psychedelic electronic music which […]
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Sunday Spotlight: Aly Macpherson


1. Hello! Who are you, where are you from and all that good stuff. Im Aly Macpherson from Ellon in Aberdeenshire! Im a 21 year old solo artist who has been playing for roughly 12 years. When I was 17 I moved to Perth and after 4 years I have […]
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