Why do different headphones have different "impedance" levels? – Question of the Day

To suit different purposes, of course! High impedance headphones (around 100 ohms or less) are ideally suited to the more powerful pro-audio systems that pump out more powerful signals than standard home electronics. Low impedance headphones are ideal for portable audio devices to get the volume pumping without consuming too […] Read more »

The Big B-Stock Musical Equipment Clear-out Sale

Ladies, gentlemen, dog lovers and everybody else in between… Red Dog Music are happy to announce that our Big B-Stock Bargain Clear-out Sale has just been launched. We have MASSES of ex-demo, discounted products (guitars, recording equipment, PA and much, much more…) that we’re trying to get rid of as quickly as possible to make […] Read more »

How to string a guitar

For the last twelve years, I’ve been fitting strings as recommended by Robbie Gladwell – and it works. I used to be of the once-through-the-hole-is-good-enough school of thought but after setting-up fifteen guitars in an afternoon for a Gibson/Epiphone showcase, I had it demonstrated, very publicly, that a secure string […] Read more »