What are the differences between "Active" and "Passive" monitors? – Question of the Day

Active monitors have an amplifier built in, meaning the amp is perfectly matched to the speakers and you don’t need extra cabling to connect one to the other. Because they have an amp built in, they need to be powered and generally feature built in volume controls. Passive monitors need […] Read more »

What effect do different pickup types have on the sound? – Question of the Day

Pickups are so called because they “pick up” the mechanical vibrations of your strings. Dependent on the design of the pickup, these vibrations will be interpreted in different ways, giving a slightly different output sound. The two main types of electric guitar pickup are “single coil” and “humbucking”. Single coil […] Read more »

What is the difference between "mesh heads" and pads? – Question of the Day

Mesh heads offer a more realistic feel than rubber pads. The mesh allows more bounce, flutter and sensitivity that’s important for detailed performance, and more accurately models the performance of real (acoustic) drums. Rubber pads also tend to make slightly more noise when hit than their mesh counterparts. Read more »

How can a multi-effects pedal help me? – Question of the Day

Multi-effects pedals are an excellent way of getting a vast array of sounds without the massive outlay of buying each effect they offer individually. While it’s certainly true that dedicated, individual effects will sound better in isolation than their emulated versions in multi-effects pedals, the convenience of having everything in […] Read more »

What is an Audio Interface? – Question of the Day

An audio interface connects external sound sources (e.g. microphones, guitars etc.) to your computer – it converts analogue signals into digital information that your computer can understand. Conversely, it also converts the information inside your computer back into electrical currents that your speakers (or headphones) can understand. Most computers come […] Read more »

What's the difference between a studio monitor speaker and a normal hi-fi speaker? – Question of the Day

The difference between a professional studio monitor speaker and a standard hi-fi speaker is that a hi-fi speaker is designed to sound pleasing to the ear and certain frequencies are “hyped” to make it sound good. A monitor speaker, however, is designed to sound as flat, unhyped and truthful as […] Read more »