Red Dog Music Takes Delivery of Scotland’s Largest Guitar

We’re rather excited to announce that, after several logistical nightmares, we have taken delivery of what we believe to be Scotland’s Largest Guitar! The instrument is a 13ft tall, 192kg resonator, reminiscent of the instrument from the cover of Dire Straits’ Brothers in Arms album. The guitar has murky origins, though […]
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Novation MiniNova MicroSynth Announced!

Buy Novation MiniNova

Novation have today unveiled their latest synth offering: the Novation MiniNova. Featuring the same sound engine as the popular Ultranova, the MiniNova packs all it’s squelchy goodness into a compact 37-note “mini keys” keyboard, not entirely dissimilar to the eternally popular Korg Microkorg, though with twice the amount of on-board […]
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