8 reasons we’re excited about the new Roland TR-8S Rhythm Performer


It’s been just over four years since Roland’s ground breaking Aira series of products were unleashed into the world. They have been hugely successful due to their obvious celebration of the genre defining machines that they emulate and because they looked forward, with brand new technology and features, built for a modern market. […]
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Red Dog Music’s Top Five: Music documentaries


We’re kicking off our new regular blog series ‘Red Dog Music’s Top Five’, which gives us an excuse to come up with our own High Fidelity-style lists of five filled with facts, trivia, personal opinions and (hopefully) some useful recommendations for you! And we’re starting the series with what’s been the most important […]
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Gary recommends: Audient ID14 Audio Interface


Hello, Gary here, pro-audio specialist at Red Dog Music in Edinburgh. I’m back with another recommendation for you lovely people. If you want a very high standard audio interface for a very reasonable price, then look no further than the Audient ID14. The ID14 includes 2 Class-A Audient console mic pre-amplifiers, high performance Burr […]
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