NAMM 2012: Introducing… Zoom G5 Guitar Effects and Amp Simulator Pedal.

Available May 2012. “Finally, a monster guitar pedal that’s easy to use: The G5.” – Zoom Let’s welcome with open arms Zoom’s brand new, monstrous guitar pedal and amp simulator. The Zoom G5‘s unique selling point is that it’s a TOTAL BEAST, whilst remaining ridiculously simple to use. Sounding more amazing than Jimi Hendrix* […] Read more »

Round Up: Modelling Amps.

The most tiresomely predictable thing to do when discussing so-called modelling amplifiers is to focus on the humorous potential of the “modelling” element, so this is exactly what we’ll do. When a person sets out on a modelling career, they are often naive to the ways of the fashion world […] Read more »

Product Pick of the Week: Boss eBand JS8 Jam Station

RRP: £376.85 Red Dog Price: £325 “The ultimate jam-along companion for guitarists.” Getting the band together to jam is tough, with work, kids and unfinished DIY (or maybe that’s just us) eating up your spare time. So if you can’t get to the band, let the band come to you via the JS-8 e-Band from Boss. Basically, think […] Read more »