Round Up: Modelling Amps.

The most tiresomely predictable thing to do when discussing so-called modelling amplifiers is to focus on the humorous potential of the “modelling” element, so this is exactly what we’ll do. When a person sets out on a modelling career, they are often naive to the ways of the fashion world […] Read more »

How to string a guitar

For the last twelve years, I’ve been fitting strings as recommended by Robbie Gladwell – and it works. I used to be of the once-through-the-hole-is-good-enough school of thought but after setting-up fifteen guitars in an afternoon for a Gibson/Epiphone showcase, I had it demonstrated, very publicly, that a secure string […] Read more »

Dr Fretlove’s Little Helpers

Sitting here on the first day of April, with fresh stirrings of Spring in the air, I can’t help but reflect how lucky I am to be doing the job I love. My next thought is for all those who help keep the wheels turning; the shop staff, my suppliers, […] Read more »