How to string a guitar

For the last twelve years, I’ve been fitting strings as recommended by Robbie Gladwell – and it works. I used to be of the once-through-the-hole-is-good-enough school of thought but after setting-up fifteen guitars in an afternoon for a Gibson/Epiphone showcase, I had it demonstrated, very publicly, that a secure string […] Read more »

Dr Fretlove’s Little Helpers

Sitting here on the first day of April, with fresh stirrings of Spring in the air, I can’t help but reflect how lucky I am to be doing the job I love. My next thought is for all those who help keep the wheels turning; the shop staff, my suppliers, […] Read more »

Product Pick of the Week: Boss eBand JS8 Jam Station

RRP: £376.85 Red Dog Price: £325 “The ultimate jam-along companion for guitarists.” Getting the band together to jam is tough, with work, kids and unfinished DIY (or maybe that’s just us) eating up your spare time. So if you can’t get to the band, let the band come to you via the JS-8 e-Band from Boss. Basically, think […] Read more »