The seven days of Ableton Live 9 : 2 days to go

The Ableton Live dj

While specialist applications such as Traktor and Serato may the ‘go-to’ choices when it comes to digital djing, Ableton Live can offer some very powerful tools for inspiring and enabling creativity in the dj booth. As the release of Ableton Live 9 is just around the corner, we turn today […]
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How to learn every electronic music genre in 30 minutes

Electronic music genres can divide opinion. For every obsessive techno-geek, you’ll find several people who shove it all into one over-flowing pigeon-hole; someone who says that “all electronic music is techno”. Epic Eurotrance? Techno. Microhouse? Techno. Neurofunk? Techno. And even ‘techno’ itself is too straightforward: dub, Detroit, minimal, acid, hardcore? How […]
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