New guitar and drum gear from Boss and Roland


With one day to go until NAMM 2018, Roland and Boss have announced another collection of brand new music gear. Today’s launch includes new hybrid drum gear, innovative guitar effects and an exciting new Katana amp model. We’ll start off with the drums, so if you came here for guitar news, just skip past the […]
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Red Dog Music’s festive opening times


Throughout this year’s festive season, we’re keeping the shop open 7 days a week. This means you can 1) call us every day, 2) bring us mince pies all the time and of course 3) buy musical equipment every single day. Our Edinburgh branch will start opening its doors on Sundays as of […]
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Sunday Spotlight: The Tomicks

_SS5709 331a_preview

1. Hello! Who are you, where are you from and all that good stuff. We’re The Tomicks – Tom, Debs and Nick. Debs and I are from London, Nick’s from Manchester! 2. Tell us a bit about the music you make. We’re hugely inspired by the 60s and 70s. Big […]
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