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Product Pick of the Week: Blackstar HT-1R

Blackstar have only gone and proved they are most definitely worth their salt – once again! You can tell they have over 50 years of experience in amplification as they appear to be providing some absolute diamonds and, to be honest, the proof is in the pudding with this one – it made it into the Top 10 of The Best of Namm 2011. That’s right, we’re dealing with a bit of a winner here, ladies and gentlemen.

The HT-1R is a staggering ONE WATT amp, making it practically perfect in every way as far as practise amps or studio recordings go. It’s based on the much-loved HT-5, so it’s got quite a reputation to live up to… but it seems to be doing so in its own special way.

It sounds lovely, for a start. It also has a master reverb control (note the ‘R’ in the model name – that means this feature is important) to control the digital reverb circuit to make it sound even MORE lovely. There’s even an mp3/line input if you feel like jamming along with your iPod/phone/CD player AND speaker outputs for when you want rock out. All in all, it’s got a pretty ace range of features and comes in the shape of a nice, simple and, most importantly, affordable little bobby dazzler of a guitar amp…

“And boy is it small – we don’t know whether to put it on the floor, on a shelf, or knit a little jumper for it, as you would one of those handbag-sized dogs. In short, only the most unreasonable of significant others will ban it from any part of the house.”

I think our work here is done. Buy one this instant.

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