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To Catch a Thief’s Top 10 Music Venues

To Catch A Thief1 – The Garage (Glasgow) – We did a show there as part of the Atticus clothing tour, the sound on stage was wicked and so was the show itself.

2 – Studio 24 (Edinburgh) – The best hometown shows we’ve done have been at this venue; the sound is amazing on and off stage.

3 – Barfly (Cardiff) – Done a few Barfly shows before but this one stood out as the best. Unfortunately, it’s closed down now but Cardiff, as a city, is amazing and the crowd is always up for coming out to shows.

4 – King Tuts (Glasgow) – Seen many bands here and played a few shows too. It’s a nice, pokey wee venue that’s always busy and always has awesome bands playing.

5 – TJ’s (Newport) – A cavernous venue that should always be part of a band’s run of dates.

6 – iBar (Bournemouth) – A total sweatbox that belongs to the creator of the computer game, Worms. Space age in your face.

7 – Jilly’s Rockworld (Manchester) A big room in a very cool city. Unfortunately this has closed down as well but it’s worth remembering.

8 – The 2 Pigs (Cheltenham) – Small stage – really good for hitting each other with bits of gear by mistake! The home of “Ceshnu” from all over.

9 – Hope & Anchor (London) – So many amazing bands have played in this tiny little sweatbox of a venue.

10 – The Cathouse (Glasgow) – As a TCAT, we played our very first show here; so it will always have a special place in our hearts.

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