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Product Pick: TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch.

Considering the fact that the vocalist is generally the focal point of a band (what would the Rolling Stones be without Mick or Guns ‘n’ Roses without Axl?), it’s odd that they don’t have as many techy goodies as other musicians; they just rock up with their mic. TC Helicon have made it their mission in life to change that – they noticed that there was a huge range of little boxes that make your guitar or your bass sound different, but barely any little boxes that make your voice sound different.

The crown in their latest product line-up has got to be the VoiceLive Touch – a relatively small unit that is designed from the ground up to be intuitive and quick to use. A simple but neat feature is that it can easily be attached to a mic stand – it just slips on and sits comfortably under your mic glowing futuristically like a prop from Tron.

Looking good is, of course, only part of the package. On the front panel, there are large, backlit buttons to access all the effects – Modulation, Delay, Reverb, Double (which simulates the classic studio technique of double-tracking; layering two copies of the same vocal line on top of one another to thicken the sound), and Harmony (which adds up to a whole choir worth of backing singers, without having to hire a bus to get them to the gig).

Alongside these are buttons to access quick pitch-changing effects (clearly labelled with more or less manly / womanly icons to give you an idea of what the effect will do to your voice) and five “Favourites” buttons, allowing you to quickly access stored effects combinations. There’s also a “Talk” button that bypasses all the effects so you can talk to the crowd without sounding like a deranged chipmunk.

Like with guitar effects, it’s important not to overuse the VoiceLive Touch – 12-part harmonies drenched in cathedral reverb may not sit so well on top of that Beatles cover – but, used well, it offers a quick and intuitive way to take your vocal performances to the next level.

Get your grubby paws on one by clicking HERE.

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