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Three Cheers for the Roland Connect Launch!

Hip, hip… hooray! Hip, hip.. hooray! Hip, hip… ok, you get the picture.#

I hereby announce that this very day (Thursday 15th September, 2011) will go down in music history as:

a) an exciting day for Roland.
b) a pretty exciting day for all of us here at Red Dog Music.
c) a WELL exciting day for YOU, Red Dog Music lover.

Roland have just launched a bunch of brand spanking new products that are going to blow your minds. The line-up includes the “Elvis” of all loop stations to date; a unique percussive sampler  that is, quite literally, the only one of its kind… in the world; a pedal that will allow you to sound as old school or as futuristic as you damn well please with style, panache and great ease… and a few other bobby dazzlers thrown in for good measure.

So, we took the liberty of rounding up our top five for you…

Boss RC-300 Looper Pedal

The most powerful loop station to hit the planet yet… the RC-300 features – wait for it – THREE synchronized stereo tracks, each with their own dedicated volume knobs AND transport-control footswitches. As if that wasn’t enough, it also comes with pro effects, a master Expression pedal and an ultra-wide control panel – making it the Elvis of loopers when it comes to live performance.

Roland SPDSx Sampling Drum Pad

Pay close attention to the ultimate percussive sampling instrument… and more importantly, the only one of its kind. Whether you’re busting out one-shot samples, looped phrases or complete audio playback tracks – this unique bit of kit is the perfect addition to any drum kit, percussion setup, DJ booth or keyboard rig whilst being totally at home on a live stage, in your recording studio, in your pre-production suite and in your favourite “banging” club.

Roland R26 Portable Recorder

Hand-held field recorders have been similar to that of delicious hotcakes for musicians, recording engineers and sound designers for years. Today, the ante has been upped and the R-26 has taken the proverbial biscuit. Choose simultaneous combinations of the built-in mics to capture stunning live performances, record important speeches/lectures/presentations or for pristine field capture whether you’re bang in the middle of the city or in the deepest, darkest depths of the wilderness. In the words of 2Unlimited, “there’s no limit”.

Boss BC2 Combo Drive

The BOSS BC-2 generates a classic Best of British “AC-inspired” combo-amp tone in a compact wee pedal. But that’s not all… with the turn of a single knob, you can instantly achieve the perfect vintage sound or delve into higher gain/cleaner tone across a wider frequency range than the classic amp could ever provide alone. This easy-peasy-to-use (yet, technically, very complex) pedal takes you from authentic vintage tone through to expanded new-generation performance and sound. Spiffing.

Boss FB2 Feedbacker/Booster

In a nutshell: versatile tone, simple operation and low noise. This unique pedal packs a whole whack of expressive, versatile boost into one single stompbox. Seamlessly morph from flat, clean boost to an amazing mid-boost for high-gain solos, or dial up a bright and clear treble boost to lighten the tone. And that’s only the half of it – the FB-2 can generate smooth and natural amp feedback as well. Basically, this little pedal knows exactly what it’s doing.

For Roland’s a jolly good fellow, for Roland’s a jolly good fellow, for Roland’s a jolly good fellow… and so say all of us.

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