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Earl Grey and the Loose Leaves' Top Ten Brews…

1. Earl Grey
Good aristocratic – in the original sense of the word – kind of vibe. A sup o’ this stuff and you can channel the bergamot boogie.

2. Breakfast (wee drap ay milk)
The brew of the masses and the band’s steamy staple – NEVER put the milk in first. One of the Leaves did that once; he’s never lived it down.

3. Matcha Green
This is the gear. Get your tea bowls and bamboo whisks out and get busy with the powdered green goodness. A wee tea ceremony will centre your chaotic mind, no bother. Be the tea.

4. Lapsang Souchong
With little leaves blacker than the night, this heady brew is the peaty whisky of the tea world – like sucking on a smokestack.

5. Iced
Got a drouth? Chill out with the ice cold variety; quench your blues just like your thirst. This is what you get when you cross Blind Lemon Jefferson with Albert ‘The Ice Man’ Collins.

6. Lemon
Being sour-faced isn’t the same as having the blues… but both can help you howl.

7. Mint
Money, coinage, culinary herbs, a condition of perfection or newness…. all these things are important when folk put together live sounds. Fresh breath is just a fringe benefit.

8. Yerba Mate
This tea sounds like a tiny dialogue by itself – like a bass guitar and a drum kit deep in conversation: ‘Yerba?’ ‘…Mate!’ Bitter, South American and grassy; you drink the stuff from a gourd. Cool.

9. Assam

This malty, fruity fella is the one that makes up your breakfast tea. Be it Scottish, English, or Irish, it’s all rockin’ down from the plains of Assam, Northeast India. ‘Assam-body knockin’ on my doooor…’

10. Oolong

We’ve all got our origin myths. The Loose Leaves met through a series of mundane chances and coincidences. But Oolong, dried loose leaf tea, was discovered when a tea-pickin’ genius got distracted by a deer and left his leaves in the sun. Oooh, mama!

In conclusion, tea is great. But coffee’s best… and whisky’s better.


Who are Earl Grey and the Loose Leaves?

Earl Grey and the Loose Leaves have been regularly creeping out, fresh from the Edinburgh underground, since 2008. Purveyors of sweaty, sincere, blues-soaked, choons, they are: Andy Stockdale (vox and guitar), Corey Gibson (vox and harmonica), Hugo Pengelley (drums), and Malcolm Mack (bass). Weaving together strands of the dustbowl ballad of hell-for-leather bass grinding snare smashing commitment and the odd reflexive, politically aware tuneful foray; the Loose Leaves are always keen to have people come dance with them and to help apply a little musical lotion to the week’s sores and pains.

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