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Cenk's Product Pick: Korg Monotribe Analog Synth

RRP: £202.80
Red Dog Price: £169

Over a year ago, Korg released the small but mighty Monotron upon the unsuspecting world of digitalized electronic music gear. It was a big hit! Selling faster than fish n chips, it was obvious that there would be an updated model to follow of this fun, analogue but portable and fat sounding synth.

After many moons passing away, we now have the Korg Monotribe upon us! Compared to its predecessor, has a sturdier build, more controls to shake your stick at, more ins and outs to poke and better audio quality (Yes! fatter, crazier and deeper). It is portable and it has an inbuilt speaker, meaning you can entertain your grandma at picnics if you have six AA batteries spare. It even comes with batteries which they last around 8 hours of heavy bashing, ready for action. Just like its predecessor, Monotribe has the analogue MS20 filter and it sounds fuller, smoother and easier on the ears.

So, what are the differences to its smaller brother? Well, it has an inbuilt sequencer, drum section, nicely detailed LFO, noise control, 3 different synth / LFO waveforms which are Saw, Triangle and Square. The sequencer acts very much like a looper would do. Hit the record button and slide your finger on the keys and it will loop that phrase – instant electronic loop. Combine this feature with the Octave knob, it is a powerful feature. To accompany this, there is the Drum section. It only has kick, snare and hi-hat sounds but it goes very well with the overall Monotribe sound.

Korg have done well here as they have kept everything which made the Monotron a success and added a welcome twist. The Monotribe, with its in depth controls, I’m sure will have a place in every electronic musician’s heart.

Get your hands on a Korg Monotribe by clicking HERE.

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