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The Roland Sale (like the DFS Sale, but better.)

Roland: spoiling us rotten since ’72. This time, they’ve got a sale on, featuring the following products. You only have a few days to get your hands on these products at a discount price so do yourself a favour and spend your Christmas money on something:

A) Musical.

B) Awesome.

C) Non-alcoholic.

(Offer valid until Tuesday 3rd January)

Boss GT10 Guitar FX Processor
RSP: £389
Sale Price: £345

Guitarists! Ever fancied making your guitar sound bigger AND better? Look no further than this super cool, easy-to-use floor unit that offers a whole bunch of incredible tones and effects to make your guitar sound even more awesome than it does already. N.B. Guaranteed to make you look sexy. Sorry, sexier.

Roland TD9KX2 Electronic Drum Kit
RSP: £1,869
Sale Price: £1,645

Drum roll, please! What more can I say? Bow down to one of Roland’s almighty electronic drum kits. This particular little smasher has some bang tidy new features, such as a newly designed Kick Pad AND V-Cymbals, to name but a couple. Get ready to boom, shake, shake, shake, shake the room with the TD9KX2.

Roland GAIA SH01 Synthesiser
RSP: £499
Sale Price: £439

In their own words: “High-performance value with old-school charm.” I couldn’t have put it better myself, Roland. The SH01 in a nutshell: massive sound, hands-on ease, affordable price. Basically, it’s a winner. After all, everybody knows there ain’t no school like old school.

Boss BR800 Digital Multitrack Recorder
RSP: £339
Sale Price: £299

The BR800 is a totally portable and even more affordable multi-tracker that will allow you to record your music with ease whilst on the move. Think of it as your very own battery-powered studio to go. Swish. And practical, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Boss eBand JS8 Jam Station
RSP: £279
Sale Price: £249

The Boss JS8 is a portable audio player that combines playback of full songs, backing tracks, or rhythm loops with high quality Boss guitar effects and a built-in stereo speaker system. Aimed at guitarists who want to learn songs, solos and riffs, practice new songs outside of band practice, play along with any of their own collection of music, or create new songs while playing along with audio tracks. Think of it as a band, in a box.

Boss ME70 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal
RSP: £215
Sale Price: £189

A multi-effects unit that’s as easy to operate as a stompbox? Woah now! Well that, my friends, is precisely the beauty of the Boss ME70. Its friendly, knob-laden design makes tone creation the easiest thing to work with since… sliced bread. And sliced bread is easy.

Roland UA55 Quad Capture
RSP: £169
Sale Price: £149

The Roland UA55‘s compact, durable design and pristine sound makes it the perfect foundation for portable, multichannel computer-based productions on the go. It may look small and incredibly low in price… but don’t be fooled; it’s a BEAST. Hear it roar.

Roland RD300NX Digital Piano
RSP: £1,359
Sale Price: £1,199

We all know about Roland and their digital pianos. They know what they’re doing, and they do it very well. So, allow us to present the world-famous SuperNATURAL sound and expression of their flagship RD… at a lighter weight and more affordable price. Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for the RD300NX. It’s a digital piano and a half.

Cakewalk SD50 Sound Module and Interface
RSP: £325
Sale Price: £289

An all-in-one pack for music producers left, right and centre. In short, this very easy-to-use mobile studio canvas is a sound module AND comes with the added bonus of having audio interface connectivity. In short, it’s a little sound monster.

Roland VP7 Vocal Processor
RSP: £425
Sale Price: £375

The ultimate vocal generator for keyboardists across the globe. Let’s say you like singing, but none of your pals can sing, but you desperately need backing vocals. Well, who needs pals when you can have the Roland VP7? Not only does it generate vocal harmonies, it allows you to add effects to your voice as well. So, you can give the impression that you’re a 200-strong choir in a massive church… but really it’s just you, on your own, with a keyboard. And a VP7. Easy does it.

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