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Red Dog Music’s Top 5 iOS Devices for 2012

Got an iPhone? iPod Touch? iPad? iMazing-Futuristic-Device? We’ve rounded up our personal top 5 widgets that add some form of musical functionality to your device of choice. Ladies and gentlemen, Red Dog Music proudly presents… The Future. Prepare to be amazed.

IK Multimedia iRig MIDI Interface for iPhone and iPod

The iRig MIDI is a super compact Core MIDI interface that connects any MIDI compatible device to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It features In, Out and Thru sockets that convert to standard 5-pin MIDI connections using the provided cables; a pair of LEDs to indicate input and output activity AND a mini USB connection so you’re able to charge your device as you go. As if that wasn’t enough for you, it also comes with SampleTank FREE and iRig MIDI Recorder FREE apps, so you can start making tunes imminently. Go forth and make music.

Tascam iXZ iPhone Interface

The Tascam iXZ allows you to plug a guitar, bass or even a pro quality condenser mic (that’s right, it has phantom power) into your Apple device – whether that be an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch – and turn it into your very own portable recording studio. Whether you want to use the iXZ for guitar practice, songwriting, rehearsal recording or collecting sound effects; all you have to do is plug in your instrument of choice and you can get stuck in to the latest guitar amp, sampling, recording and DJ apps.

Akai SynthStation 25 iPhone Controller Keyboard

This ingenious contraption will turn your iOS device into a portable production studio for music creation on the go. The 25-note MIDI keyboard controller gives your handheld device a two-octave range of piano keys and professional audio outputs. All you have to do is stick the aforementioned handheld device into this amazing synth-shaped shell and you’re off. Plus, it looks a bit cooler too. Just in case you’re still not convinced, not only does it work with most apps. you can also connect it to your computer via USB and use the SynthStation to control your DAW-hosted instruments. Way cool.

Apogee Jam iPhone Guitar Interface

This iOS guitar interface works the same as most others – it helps you to get the best tone out of your guitar and record it straight into your iPhone/iPad. It features 1/4 inch instrument input, adjustable gain and a soft limiter so all you have to do is plug in your electric guitar or bass and BAM, you can record straight into your Apple device. It’s true, there are a few devices like this one kicking around – the difference with this one, however, is the legendary Apogee sound quality and the fact that you can use a different output cable and plug it straight into your Mac for use with  Garageband, Logic, whatever-music-programme-floats-your-boat.

Alesis ioDock iPad Audio Interface

In short, this is the future. Featuring: a pair of balanced mono inputs via combo XLR/phone jack sockets, balanced 1/4-inch stereo outputs, 1/4-inch headphone out, switchable 48V phantom power for mics, composite video out, MIDI In and Out, USB MIDI and a 1/4-inch footswitch socket. Phew… This is the very first of its kind and, aside from not being portable due to needing external power, it offers EVERYTHING you could possibly need to produce music on your iPad. It’ll work with almost every single audio or MIDI app out there. See, we weren’t joking when we said it was the future.

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