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Red Dog Music's Top 5 Guitar Accessories of 2011.

2011 saw an array of awesome guitar accessories rear their attractive, yet practical, heads. Here’s our top 5 for you to drool over…

Boss RC3 Looper Pedal

“Three hours of stereo recording in a stomp box”, says Boss. There’s room in there for not one, not two, but 99 STORAGE LOOPS! That’s exactly the same amount of red balloons that Nena had, so it’s got to be a good amount. The Boss RC3 is the perfect compact pedal for those of you who don’t have enough pals to come and play guitar with you; all you have to do is stamp your foot and you can record some rhythm guitar, stamp it again and record another guitar track, do it again and record YET ANOTHER guitar track… and, well, you get the idea: basically, stamp your foot and make full-bodied music all on your own. Who said being demanding doesn’t get you anywhere…?

Cooperstand Pro G CS1 Foldup Guitar Stand

The Cooperstand Pro-G is the perfect companion for your guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin, banjo… whatever stringed instrument tickles your pickle, in fact. Geared towards solo-acoustic performers, the Pro-G will keep your guitar upright and safe while you give it a little rest from playing tunes for a while. The beauty of this particular stand is that it’s a little more unusual than your bog standard guitar stand; firstly, it’s made out of African Sapele wood (with silicon pads at the contact points to keep your guitar protected) AND it folds up so you can carry it from home, to rehearsal, to gig and back again with complete ease – just pack it neatly into your guitar case or gig bag and you’re ready to rock.

TC Electronic Flashback Delay and Looper Pedal

Not only does the TC Flashback Delay(-lay-lay-lay-ay-ay-y) give your guitar that epic, dreamy,  trippy sound, man; it also doubles up as a looper so, technically speaking, you’re getting two pedals in one. Wham bam, thank you TC, ma’am. The Flashback Delay features 6 whole seconds delay time of every delay type you could possibly dream of, with 10 different types to pick from. It also comes with TC‘s signature TonePrint, which allows you to very simply ToneTransfer your favourite delay settings AND you can also set your delay times by simply strumming your guitar, thanks to its nifty audio-tapping technology. Basically, this pedal will make you the coolest guitarist in the world. Maybe even cooler than The Edge. Wait a minute…

Roland GR55GK Guitar Synth Pedal

The Roland GR55GK is, hands down, the best guitar synth kicking about. It has TWO independent synthesizer sound engines, each of which are packed with over 900 sounds. (That’s right. Both of them.) In amongst this plethora of sounds, there are a whole bunch of different effects stuffed in there, including your more conventional instruments sounds such as pianos, brass, strings, etc right through to your good old-fashioned synth sounds (both vintage and modern, whatever rocks your ship). As if that wasn’t enough for you to play with, it features a THIRD sound engine which is dedicated entirely to Roland’s COSM modelling technology, allowing access to heaps of acoustic and electric guitar and bass sounds. To top of it off, it comes with specific tuning capabilities so at the push of a button, you can tune from DADGAD right through to the classic 5-string “Keith Richards” sound. Let’s face it, guitar synth’s don’t get much cooler than this.

Red Dog Music Pikcard

I’ll keep this simple: the coolest guitar picks in the world. Full stop.

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