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NAMM 2012: Humdrum™ announce the MonoStrosity© 3000


NAMM 2012: Humdrum™ announce the MonoStrosity© 3000

Latest in the series builds on everything that made the original awful and pointless.

NOWHERE, Ariz. (Jan. 19, 2012) – Humdrum™ proudly announce the imminent release of the latest version of their immediately forgettable MonoStrosity© line of generic drum / keyboard / guitar / production type devices.

MonoStrosity© 3000 takes everything that made the MonoStrosity© 2999 bog standard, and adds literally several unnecessary features, making it the most over-specced, over-hyped, under-useful MonoStrosity© yet.

A complete redesign, mainly because the original product didn’t actually work, the MonoStrosity© 3000 features 4 nylon EZ-snap™ strings, 2 Humsucking™ pickups, 49 hammer-sensitive keys with infinite aftertouch, 8 ultramesh HEVI-flo SANI-pads™, all-solid Croydon balsawood back and sides, and a literally ground-breaking garden trowel (sold separately).

The MonoStrosity© 3000 is optimised for use in the same room as all the latest smart phones, Apple™ iOS devices, and other trendy things we haven’t thought of yet. It is also 100% compatible with the thousands of apps available through the App store, insofar as you could use the MonoStrosity© at the same time as using the app, were you so inclined.

Aimed squarely at the non-instrumentalist with a low money-to-sense ratio, the Humdrum™ will be shipping worldwide immediately, once we’ve found foolhardy, irresponsible investors, an unethical factory staffed with under-paid, under-nourished and under-aged workers, and a moronic distributor desperate enough to irresponsibly contribute to the ever-growing mountain of useless tat in the world.

Described by renowned vagrant endorsee Lozza fae the ‘Port as “a lapsed bassoonist’s wet dream”, the Humdrum™ MonoStrosity© 3000 is guaranteed to provide up to several minutes of fun for the simple-minded.

For more information, (well, actually just the same information, unnecessarily duplicated), visit

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