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Marshall Amps: 50 Years of Loud.

Marshall are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year. That’s right; the original amp maestros have been churning out some of the most incredibly ear-pleasing amps known to humankind for 50 years. So, of course, they had to celebrate in style by doing what they do best. Make more amps. Remember the film Back to the Future? Ok, so in a similar vein: Marshall have produced FIVE brand new amps, each of which is dedicated to and designed in the style of each of the decades that they’ve been noising us up for. So, let’s take a magical mystery tour of Marshall amps, from the 60s right through to 2012…

1960s Marshall JTM1C

The Marshall JTM1 is a limited edition 1 watt all valve combo built to commemorate 50 years of Marshall. The JTM1 head and combo dish out classic 1960s Marshall tones at sensible volume levels! We would advise getting your order in quick if you fancy owning a piece of Marshall history, these amps won’t last long.

1970s Marshall JMP1

To reflect the second decade of business, and a decade that will forever be remembered for its impact on rock music, the JMP1 is completely reminiscent of 1970’s Marshall era amplifiers, most notably the JMP. Featuring a tone that has more gain than the previous JTM1 along with its own unique preamp structure and rear panel gain boost switch, the JMP1 is ideal for everything from big rhythm to searing lead for fans of 1970’s rock.

1980s Marshall JCM1

The 50th Anniversary One Watt range is Marshall’s nostalgic nod to some the greatest amps they have created over the past 50 years and it just wouldn’t be complete without their ‘80s classic, the JCM800, being represented. Revered as one of the best amps in the world any amp that was to be born from the JCM800 would have to meet up with some exacting expectations, but it has been achieved, in the form of the Marshall JCM1 combo amp.

1990s Marshall DSL1

By the time the 1990’s rolled round, more modern technology meant amplifiers had more gain, and more features. In 1996, Marshall launched the JCM2000 Dual Super Leadm which is the inspiration for the DSL1 – the fourth model in the 50th Anniversary One Watt Range. Staying true to the original tone of the DSL and incorporating two channels, this amp will take you from a resonant clean to a classic high gain lead sound at the press of a switch. Tone Shift and Deep switches also reduce the mid character and add low end resonance respectively.

2000 Marshall JVM1

Bringing us right up to date with the latest decade is the JVM1, based on our current flagship the JVM. The most modern take on Marshall tone, the JVM1 contains more gain than the other amps in the range, along with its own harder edged character. This model also contains two channels and as well as the aforementioned Overdrive, also has the pristine JVM clean sound.

Now, let’s hear three cheers for Marshall – hip hip, HOORAY! Hip hip, hooray! Hip, h-… ok, you get the picture.

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