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Peerless Gigmaster Custom Hollow Body Electric Guitar review

Red Dog Price: £799

Working in a music shop is ace. You can spend your entire day strumming your way through a whole bunch of guitars, without any expectation of buying one. And it’s when you have no expectations that it usually happens. All of a sudden, as if from nowhere, the guitar of your dreams will fall into your arms and change the course of your life forever. I sound more dramatic than an Eastenders Christmas Special but believe me; this review shouldn’t be taken with a pinch of salt.

I didn’t expect to find a Peerless Gigmaster Custom that day. I just wandered through to the shop floor to try out some guitars, you know, to try and cure my weary head. Then, lo and behold, I’m told that a big, beautiful, white and gold, semi-acoustic Peerless had arrived that day, by mistake. Did I want to see it? Of course I did. But little did I know I was about to fall madly in love with it.

I must have spent a good few hours playing this incredible guitar through a Fender Blues Junior amp. The team behind Peerless used to make guitars for both Gretsch and Ibanez, so they certainly know their stuff. Plug it in and you’ll hear the beautiful sound of two Gretsch Tron-style pickups that give off a really lovely tone. It even sounds good unplugged, as if it has its very own room inside the guitar.

Appearance-wise; it has an Abalone outline around its curvaceous body giving it a bit of extra sparkle… just in case the gold whammy bar wasn’t enough bling for you. And last but not least, it FEELS incredible; it has a real bite to each strum, beautifully smooth to the touch and it has a nice chunky build.

For lack of a better phrase, and I quote my friend George: “this guitar is a rockabilly motherf**cker.”

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