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It’s the little things in life…

TC Electronic Polytune Mini

Remember the TC Electronic Polytune – the first tuner EVER that allowed you to tune your guitar through the art of a single strum? It was a pretty revolutionary bit of music kit at the time. So, imagine the same amount of AWESOME but packaged into an even more compact version that’ll fit into any pedal board you damn well please! Imagine! In fact, scrap that, you don’t have to imagine – it’s arrived. Thanks to TC, the Polytune is being shrunk in the washing machine as we speak.

ART Coolswitch

Want to use two bits of equipment? Tired of unplugging? Introducing the Coolswitch; a not-particularly-exciting-but-highly-practical A/B-Y switch. You can rock it in a couple of ways; either plug in two instruments – let’s say two guitars – and feed them into the one amp, OR you can plug in one guitar and have two amps plugged in, so you can use a different amp for different parts of your set. If you don’t play the guitar, don’t be put off – the Coolswitch is for anyone who wants to use more than one set-up in the same set-up without unplugging any of the actual set-ups. This is probably the most times that “set-up” has been used in one paragraph.

Alesis TwoTrack

The answer to all of your recording quandaries – the Alesis TwoTrack is the easiest way to record studio-quality, stereo sound in any old setting you desire. It’s designed for capturing incredible sound without confusing you with an abundance of sub-menus, technical settings, loads of buttons, etc… It’s compact, it’s handheld, it’s super portable, it features headphone monitoring, a mic line-in and, with a name like TwoTrack – you guessed it – features TWO stereo condenser microphones. Let’s break it down then: one big record button, no frills, super high quality recording. Winner. 

Numark iDJ Live

You don’t use records any more. All of your tunes are on your iPad / iPod / iPhone. But you want to be a DJ. What on earth do you do? Look no further than the Numark iDJ Live. Imagine your good old fashioned wheels of steel set up but converted into a light, plastic and ridiculously portable DJ unit. You simply plug it into your iPad / iPod / iPhone, download the software and from there on in, everything that you do on the iDJ Live will show up on your iPad. There was word on the street that, while being a lot of fun, it feels a little flimsy. But don’t be put off. Lightweight, musical DJ fun has never been this easy to use (or this cheap, for that matter).

Hohner Fire Melodica

The melodica is an instrument that everybody loves when they hear/see it; but I can guarantee that they won’t know what it’s called unless someone they know plays it. My friend has one and after every gig, people say, “That instrument is COOL! What is it!?” And the classic, “I just love the harmonium/melodium/harmonica!” *delete as appropriate. The melodica was first made cool by Augustus Pablo in Jamaica in the ‘60s, closely followed by a man named Tom Pickles. Mr Pickles upped the ante by purchasing the Hohner Fire. It looks cool, sounds cool, will make you cool. What an instrumental oxymoron.

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