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2012 Musikmesse New Products: Dynaudio DBM-50 Studio Monitors

The DBM-50 is designed as a desktop monitor, with a front baffle tilt that has them pointing up at you from the actual work surface. It means you’re able to use the speakers as compact and small-footprint near-field solutions, and as portable monitors they make perfect sense, as they can be set on any surface ready to go without having to deal with any sort of mountings. Neat.

This new idea is of course paired up with Dynaudio’s expected dedicated attention to detail, making for the very best in high-quality audio thanks to the handcrafted drivers – a 1” high-res tweeter and 7.5” woofer benefitting from the company’s committed craftsmanship.

The 2-channel, 50 Watt RMS power amp can be adjusted with pinpoint precision around the back, with HF, MF and LF room filtering options and a master volume, which can also be controlled by an optional, sleek remote control knob. High pass filtering makes sure the subwoofer is getting the very best out of your sound while a HF waveguide ensures perfect audio delivery at near-field range.

With balanced XLR and RCA connectivity, it’s a powerful yet portable monitor setup that does things a little differently, we’re told to great effect. We hope the desktop angle idea takes off further, and are looking forward to hearing the results for ourselves.

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