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2012 Musikmesse New Products: Roland Keyboards

BK-5 OR Oriental Arranger Keyboard

A New World of Magical Music

Continuing a long tradition of successful world-music products, the BK-5 OR, is tailored to the evocative sounds of the Middle East as well as Turkey and North Africa. The BK-5 OR retains all characteristics and features of the recently announced BK-5 and adds newly created sounds and rhythms.

CB-61RL Carrying Bag

Protection for Roland Keyboards

Protect your Roland keyboards in transit and storage with this custom-made logo gig bag. The CB-61RL is designed for 61-key instruments such as the Roland E-09, GW-8, Prelude, BK-5, BK-5 OR, AX-Synth, JUNO-Di, and JUNO-Gi.

CB-76RL Carrying Bag

Protect your Roland keyboards in transit and storage with this custom-made logo gig bag. The CB-76RL is designed for 76-key instruments such as the Roland JUPITER-50, JUNO-Stage and V-Combo VR-700.

CB-88RL Carrying Bag

Protect your Roland keyboards in transit and storage with this custom-made logo gig bag. The CB-88RL is designed for 88-key instruments such as the Roland RD-300NX, FP-4F, and RD-700NX.

F-120R Digital Piano

A New Era of Piano Enjoyment

The new F-120R is an entry-level piano that combines interactive rhythm accompaniment with Roland’s highly acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano sound. It’s compact and fun, and is available in three attractive and contemporary polished cabinets: ebony, red, and ivory. The F-120R lets you play along with rhythm accompaniment and backing tracks in three different modes, including Pianist mode where any chord you play will be recognised and tracked instantly. You can also add additional rhythm accompaniments and backing tracks via USB.

JUPITER-50 Synthesizer

SuperNATURAL Sound in a compact, lightweight format

With its unprecedented fusion of synthesis and acoustic instruments, the new-generation Roland JUPITER has changed the way we play, react to, and feel a keyboard. By combining the supreme expression of the JUPITER-80 with the portability of the JUNO series, the new JUPITER-50 brings SuperNATURAL sound and pro performance to every stage and studio.

PK-9 Pedalboard

Expand Your Performance Expression

The new PK-9 20-note MIDI pedalboard is designed to pair perfectly with the Roland ATELIER Combo AT-350C and AT-900C, VR/VK-series combo organs, the Classic Organ C-200, and other MIDI-compatible organs. The PK-9 is the successor of the PK-7A MIDI pedalboard. A single PK cable is all that’s required to connect the PK-9 to a “PK-IN” equipped Roland organ; the cable supplies power to the pedalboard as well as performance data to the host keyboard.

RH-A7 Monitor Headphones

The Essential Digital-Piano Accessory

As the popularity of digital pianos continues to rise, so does the need for high-quality headphones — an essential accessory. The new RH-A7 headphones are the perfect companions. They’re comfortable and light with a secure fit, so you can wear them for extended periods of play. The open-air construction lets you have a conversation without having to remove the headphones. Most importantly, RH-A7 headphones provide high-quality sound that lets you experience the complete, dynamic range of modern digital pianos. From delicate pianissimo to forceful fortissimo, these headphones handle every nuance and detail of your performance.

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